Our Vision
To be an Oasis of excellence for holistic development

Our Mission
To provide opportunities for educational programmes through innovative and creative methods that empowers learners to successfully move into the mainstream of the society

Our Moto
Scaling the New Heights

Our Core Values
We are committed to, strive for and shall embrace;

  1. Trust in God; we shall trust in him for all our endeavours and successes
  1. Discipline; we shallat all timeswork towards orderliness and moral uprightness to meet the expectations of the society
  2. Integrity – we shall for ever be consistent in all our actions and values
  3. Commitment – we shall work together with school stakeholders and partners to drive the vision of the school
  1. Teamwork–we shall ensure we work as a team towards common objectives for performance
  1. Continuous learning – we shall desire to continue equipping and updating skills and knowledge

Our Core Functions

  1. Implementation of national educational curriculum.
  2. Preparing learners for national exams (KCSE).
  3. Sourcing for curriculum resource materials.
  4. Managing available funds towards provision of teaching and learning facilities.
  5. Ensuring conducive leaning environment prevails
  6. Enhancing staff capacity building.
  7. Moulding learners through holistic education process and programmes.

Our Organizational Structure (Organograme)

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