the principal Nyalunya Secondary School is located in the Peri-urban areas of Kisumu City, Kolwa Central Location, Ragumo Zone.
The school has a strong Board of Management supported by committed parents in the development of the school.
Majority of our students come from the local community, who lack enough resources to see their sons and daughters in boarding schools. A large number of our students have lost both or one parent. With support from the County Government, APHIA+, Maisha Bora, Local Churches, Well-wishers and Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Ministry of Education etc., have really helped us to uplift the orphans in terms of school fee alleviation. We appreciate the effort the stakeholders have made and we look forward to more partnerships to stem the high dropout rate being experienced,On the infrastructure, the CDF and Parental contributoons have helped to fund classrooms and a storey laboratory block. From the year 2012, when I took lover as the Principal, the following have been accomplished to date, thanks to our parents and sponsors:
1. Fencing of the school compound
2. Gate construction complete with a watchman’s room
3. School water piping
4. Laboratory block completion
5. Putting up of a temporary 2 classroom structure
6. Teachers staffroom tables with side draws and chairs
7. Dividing of students into a two streamed school
8. Completion of a PA sponsored classroom
9. Putting up of a Kitchen structure complete with three 200liters jikos and 3 jikos for staff
10. ICT infrastructure comprising of 11 computers, printers, projector, 24 hours internet and networked.
11. School management information system with additional 3 desktop computers and a laptop
12. Laboratory equipment, more students furniture and textbooks additional purchases
13. Full games uniforms for all our students engaged in the various categories
Our school strategic plan, site plan and infrastructure designs have been done and quantified. The school is now in the phase of resource mobilization to meet the desired goal.
Our school has continued to improve in form 4 KNEC exams as well as Co-curricularactivities with music reaching the national level and we look into the future with hopes and widened opportunities for the betterment of our students and to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
Our school is driven by our vision, to be an Oasis of excellence for holistic development and nourished by our core values i.e. Trust in God, Discipline, Integrity, Commitment and Teamwork.
We at all times strive to ensure that as learners move into the mainstream of the society, they are better adapted to meet the ever growing and transforming challenges in our society.
I want to thank the County Government, CDF, APHIA+, and the County Commissioner’s office for the support they have so far accorded us and look into the future for more stakeholders support to propel the school to greater heights.