Senior teacher :IRENE ONSARE
The office of the senior teacher coordinates school’s academic and non- academic programs. It also provides a link between students, teachers and parents. It assists in supervision of curriculum implementation.
This office oversees and advises on school facilities and formulates school strategies and policies that enhance the performance of the school.
Over the years, the population of the school has grown and as a community it is our hope that we will produce students who will be able to contribute to the prosperity of our land as upright members of society.
God bless the work of our hands,amen.

The school library caters for the whole community. Students are allowed to borrow books for a week. The teachers do borrow their resource material from the collection on books available. People in the community have on occasion come to seek information from the library. The biggest challenge that the library has is the loss of books. The students who lose books take quiet long to replace the same. Over the years the number of books in the library has grown. We look forward to the time when we will get a room to house the library. It is our hope that the reading culture will catch on and Nyalunya community will be a reading community.

The catering department was started on 5th march, 2007. The students were then 6 and the teachers were 10. The staff then was composed of Leonida Ochieng and Jane Obango. Samuel Waore joined the department in 2010 when the population of the students grew. The first serving point was by the gate. This was later moved to the present site but there was no kitchen then. A small structure was put up in 2008 but it was not adequate. A bigger and better structure was put up in2014. It consists of a cooking area, a serving area, a store and an office. Being a day school, the students walk long distances to school and some may not have a place to get their meals. Some students come to school without breakfast and some do not have enough food. The catering department was formed to ensure that the students have adequate nourishment. This enables them to concentrate in learning and it also saves time. The menu of the school is; Monday – Porridge at ten o’clock and mixture of maize and beans Teusday- porridge and ugali and vegetables Wednesday- porridge and rice and beans Thursday- porridge and a mixture of maize and beans Friday- porridge and ugali and vegetables.