1. Students must attend all the lessons, do all the assignments and hand them in at the stipulated time and copy all the notes unless with official permission from school. Any student contravening this rule shall be punished at the discretion of the subject/class teacher/administration.
  2. Cheating in examinations is forbidden.  Anybody involved in examination irregularity shall have his/her examination results cancelled.
  3. All students must use the two official languages i.e. English and Kiswahili.  Any student found speaking in vernacular language shall summarize a set book and give a presentation to class.
  4. Students shall not be involved in sexual relationships lesbianism/homosexuality among themselves and in the community.  Any student involved shall face disciplinary action followed by a suspension of two weeks and consequently an expulsion.
  5. Theft is not allowed in school.  A student contravening this rule shall bring twice the stolen item.
  6. No phones inside the school.  A student having the same shall have the phone confiscated and destroyed.
  7. A student dressed in non-school attire shall not be allowed in the school compound.
  8. Fighting, bullying, quarrelling, use of abusive or obscene language and defiance, unnecessary noise amongst students in and outside the school compound are forbidden.  No student shall be allowed to carry any dangerous weapon in and out of the school compound.  Disciplinary action shall be taken against any student involved after which their parents should be called and made to put in writing that they will never be involved in such mistake.
  9. Smoking, drunkenness, drug and substance abuse and peddling of the same shall automatically lead to suspension of two weeks.
  1. Co-curriculum activities are compulsory and therefore all students must During participation, students shall be dressed in full games attire.  Failure to adhere to this rule will lead to punishment which shall be at the discretion of games teacher/teacher on duty.

N/B: All students are suppose to report to school every day and only leave at the stipulated time or with official permission. Any student leaving the school compound with no official permission shall have expelled himself/herself from the school.