Nyalunya Secondary School is a co-educational District level public secondary school offering Kenya public secondary schools curriculum as spelt out by the Ministry of Education and its related organs.

Kenya philosophy of education is based on the National philosophy. Consequently Education in Kenya focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills through interactive learning so as to provide life-long qualitative holistic education that promotes cognitive, psychomotor and effective domains of learners in order to instill values such as patriotism, equality, equity peace, security, honesty, humility, mutual respect, tolerance, co-operation and democracy.

It is upon this framework that our values and functions are based and drives our work.

Nyalunya Secondary School is an institution that provides an environment for organized teaching and learning by way of interaction. As a result it is important the institution comes up with principles which when interpreted; translate into workable and achievable dreams. The school therefore is guided by its Vision, Mission and Motto which form the drive for its Core Values and Core functions.

As an organized institution, it is paramount that it evolves and develops a structure which has effective functional departments and sections. All these are issues upon which the foundations and history of the school into present and future focuses on.

Our strategic focus is pegged on the assumption that key stakeholders, management board, partners will play their part and other partners will play their roles effectively or assist as the case may be in collaboration with relevant departments of Government, CBOs and NGOs.

Nyalunya school fraternity welcomes all on board to help us positively propel our vision