The core mandate of the department is to advice students on how to harness the infrastructural and human resource for a better future.
The department is imbued with a sense of responsibility in inter alia equipping the student fraternity with information on target setting, good study habits and career selection. We are at the forefront on disseminating information on spiritual growth, interpersonal issues and social integration.

Activities include:
1. Career talks
2. Individual counseling
3. Group counseling
4. Motivational talks
5. Peer counseling

The department has made great strides in the following areas:
1. Adolescence, growth and sexuality mitigation measures.
2. Basic personal health, hygiene and safety.
3. HIV/AIDS scourge and STIs.
4. Drugs and substance abuse.
I wish to thank the school administration for supporting the Guidance and Counseling programmes in the school. Thanks to the Principal; Mr George Onyango, the Deputy; Mrs Selina Kulo, Mrs Sarah Ohanga and Mr Paul Khaemba for their commitment and support.

H.O.D: Mrs Emilly Kwamboka Monari