selina kuloAs the deputy principal of Nyalunya mixed secondary school, it is with great pleasure to welcome you to our school website. The school website provides practical information about the school and in keeping with our school motto, it has been designed to foster a sense of pride and belonging among all members of our school community. At Nyalunya we place the student at the centre of everything we do. In this regard, we believe in learning being at the core of all we offer in our ability to create holistic members of tomorrow’s society. Most of all we believe in excellence through enthusiasm and  engagement with the community.

The schools main objective is enhancement of quality education to empower learners to face global challenges. Quality education is attainable through set targets, monitored over a period of time and evaluated regularly for feed back to all stakeholders. Teachers are facilitated to ensure best delivery of content  by  assessing  the progress of learners and keeping the performance at high standards. This is enabled by the reinforcement of the school academic committee.

Members of the academic committee include;
1. Deputy principal – Mrs. Selina Kulo
2. Director of studies – Mr. Owira
3. Amos Khisa
4. Paul Khaemba
5. Emilly Monari

As a community school of learning, all students are encouraged and expected to develop and maintain high standards, positive work habits and ensure excellence throughout their school life. The school also values the support and contribution of parents and guardians as being central to the school  and in the education of their children. As valued members of the school community, this website is another communication mechanism to keep parents/guardians informed about the school.Parents are always invited through this office to discuss the performance of their children.

As the deputy principal, am in charge of administration, discipline, monitoring of curriculum implementation and school programmes and school tender committee; all of which have members appointed by the school administration.

The discipline and behavior of our students is good and commendable. The office handles  comprehensively  any occurrence of indiscipline cases through a disciplinary committee  whose members are:

1. Deputy principal – Mrs. Selina Kulo
2. David Radiro
3. Joachiam Ongere
4. Class teacher of the student
5. Teacher on duty

Further guidance of  indiscipline cases  are referred to the Guidance and counseling department.

The deputy’s office is also in charge of the school tender committee. This committee ensures that the goods and services supplied to the school are in line with the government regulations. Members of tender committee include:

1. Deputy principal
2. Accounts clerk
3. Store Keeper
4. HOD Mathematics
5. HOD languages
6. HOD G & C
7. Director of studies
8. HOD technical and Applied
In all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3: 6

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL : Selina Kulo (Mrs)
TEL. 0722627032